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Waterline Throttle

Robust, powerful and durable. This throttle is foolproof and designed to last.


Powerline BLDC 180A controller. Suitable for almost all 24V Brushless DC motors without sensors. This controller is specially made for electrically powered boats. Equipped with high-quality connectors, which guarantees fast exchange. This is of great importance for the rental fleet, as a very low downtime is guaranteed.

Automatic cable reel

4C Innovation Automatic Cable Reel makes it possible to wind up to 30 meters of shore power cable.

Underwater lighting

4C’s new line of underwater lights is designed to achieve premium lighting performance, as well as provide greater flexibility of available lighting settings.


Designed and manufactured as an integrated smart power system for trolling motors. A strong and safe battery.

Navigation lights

Specialist design, visible quality, three layers of finish and a very long lifespan.

Backlit yacht names (tailor made)

We can design custom fonts or logos from sketches or standard fonts.

Marine boat floor (tailor made)

Our boat floors are custom made with high quality foam, with details only found on real teak decks.

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